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Soccer Player In Argentina Gets Arrested After Sucker Punching The Shit Out Of Female Ref

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Being a ref in a South American soccer league is easily the most dangerous job on the planet. You show up to ref one of these low tier level games and there's less than a 10% chance you're making it home unscathed. You could get stabbed, you could get attacked by a rowdy group of fans, you could get kicked squarely in the nuts at the very least. I'd imagine there are way fewer games without any incident at all than there are games where a ref is enduring some sort of physical harm because one team didn't appreciate a call that was made. Which brings us to this 3rd division game in Argentina. 

Now here's the thing. You'd hope that having a lady ref out there would make a difference, but turns out that 3rd division soccer in Argentina is a hot spot for total scumbaggery. The good news is that despite how much of a scumbag this dude is, you also have to remember that this is a 3rd division league. We're not necessarily dealing with the greatest athletes here. So this dude took a running start, came at this lady ref from behind, had a clear shot in, and she still just soaked it like a champ. I mean sure, she went down pretty hard at first but then she popped right back up like nothing even happened. Talk about an all-time backfire for this chubby little fella. Honestly it would probably be in his best interest to hit him with a lifetime ban after the arrest. Can't imagine ol' boys heart could hold up for another full season.