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The St. Louis Cardinals Broadcaster Called A Paul Goldschmidt Home Run A Second Before It Happened

"How about... HOME RUN NUMBER 25?!" The moment that those words came out of the mouth of St. Louis Cardinals play-by-play voice Dan McLaughlin, there was no turning back. Paul Goldschmidt could have hit a single, and not much would have changed. If he struck out, he would have looked bad. But that wasn't the reality. A deep drive to left center would then take place, making McLaughlin look like an absolute genius. 

However, what occurred last night has absolutely NOTHING on this exchange by a pair of Seattle Mariners broadcasters back in 2009.

This is a VERY tough day at the office for those who believe in a broadcaster jinx. Although I'll get ahead of this one and admit I have been on the other side of that phrase once or twice before. Frank The Tank calls me "Jake The Jinx," and I recently performed a jinx during last week's PLL game on ESPN2.