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The Best Roster Changing Move Didn't Happen Yesterday In An MLB Trade....It Happened In The Dozen

If you thought the MLB was the only league that had roster changes going on yesterday then you were wrong. It was announced yesterday that your boy is officially joining The Misfits on The Dozen. A long offseason of wondering where I'd end up, lots of recruiting pitches, potential bribes, gifts from boosters, the whole 9 was thrown at me. I had countless DMs asking where I was going, who I was joining, if I would start my own team, or if I would go to a LIV-like trivia tournament. It may upset some people, but in the end I love that I ended up back on the team I subbed for a handful of times last season. I was unable to play in the postseason tournament but you bet your bottom dollar I'll be there this year when The Misfits make their way through the bracket. So sorry Juan Soto, you weren't the only one finding out your new home yesterday, moves were made!

I love the team, I really do. Kelly is a monster with pop culture, movies, and Harry Potter stuff- she's great. Dante knows a lot about a lot, obviously he tackles music, has knowledge in sports, he is a well rounded machine. All Biz Pete as a bench guy is a great move. He showed off his talents in the tournament and will be good off the bench. Hank as the coach will call timeouts, use lifelines, just coach our way through the games. I love Hank in this role, he knows the game and you have to trust him along the way. 

I think I fit in perfectly with this team as I'm decently well rounded in sports, music, and pop culture. I think we have a good mesh of knowledge on The Misfits. But overall I'm just happy to be on a squad, I bounced around last year from Team Liquid Death with Owen, filled in on The Misfits, made an appearance on The Booze Ponies, which ultimately kept Foreplay out of the tournament, but it's nice to finally have a home. 

And I'll say it- I think we have a legit chance to win this league. I'm excited to jump into some matches. Some other teams and players may not like it, but this just seemed right. Season starts in September so buy your Misfits stock now and get in early, I have high hopes for this team. It's going to be a fun season of The Dozen.