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Back: We Witnessed An All-Time Coach Cal Performance As He Brought Out Mark Few To Announce The College Hoops Game Of The Year

Tonight was a special night in Kentucky. Cal and the team got together to help raise money for the horrific flooding in Eastern Kentucky. That was achieved: 

In part of helping raise money, Cats had an open practice tonight where funds went to the relief. He teased yesterday a big announcement at this event. It delivered. Actually, let me be even more specific. Cal delivered. This is an all-time Cal acting performance. Listing all the places we're playing. Hitting Mark Few with jokes about how we're Kentucky and had to travel first. 

It also shut up any single person complaining about the nonconference scheduling. You add a preseason top-5 team in the country on the road in November. That goes with games already against Michigan State, Michigan, UCLA, Kansas and Louisville. Pretty fucking good! 

Now my only complaint is that November 20 is a Sunday. This game deserves to be away from football. Play this on a Tuesday. I know this is the biggest problem when it comes to scheduling is the first half of the year is blocked by football. But we're talking the biggest game on Gonzaga's campus. We're talking the best game in college hoops scheduled this year. 

This is what I needed to see as a fan. Cocky Cal is back. He's landing the recruits he needed to land. He's scheduling like this. He's got the walk and talk back. I know, everyone will mention St. Peter's, now is why he needed this. He needs to get back to the Final Four. He needs to capitalize on bringing back Oscar and then a loaded class next season. 

And in all seriousness shout out Cal, the team and every single person helping with the flooding in Eastern Kentucky. It's truly horrific to see some of the pictures and videos.