LIVE: MLB Trade Deadline Recap And Reaction

So I planned on coming to HQ today because we have our Coors Light Mets Watch Party that just so happened to fall on Jacob deGrom's return to the mound and starts an hour after the MLB Trade Deadline.

Swing by Blue Haven East if you are around for some beers, food, and the best pitcher in baseball

Anyway, the Mets have also taken their sweet ass time making trades today while the Padres trade every player in their system for Juan Soto and Co., so this could be a reaction show to a decent Mets trade or a reaction show of absolutely nothing for a team that at the very least needs a left-handed reliever if not a catcher and a righty power bat. If that happens we will mostly be recapping the sweet splits of Darren Ruf vs. lefties.

Oh yeah and Frank The Tank's Twitter negativity ban until the playoffs hangs in the balance as well.

Obviously the Mets traded for Ruf already so we'll discuss what this means for Frank The Crank.