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Auburn Basketball Fans Are FLOODING The Official Israel Twitter Account With Troll Tweets After They Beat Their U-20 Team By 61

We're in the summer tour time. College hoops teams get to go to different places across the country and play different teams. Good advantage every couple years to get some run in and see what your team has. So today Auburn beat the Israel U-20 team by 61. 

Why does that matter? Because Auburn fans are back with their insufferable troll tweets. However this time they decided to attack the official Israel twitter account. Here's the tweet: 

As you can see that has NOTHING to do with basketball. It's about TikTok. That won't stop Auburn fans. 

And on and on we go. This is something that Auburn fans really brought to Twitter last year. It was funny at first, but guys, come on. It's the summer. I get that you are now a basketball school since you couldn't force Bryan Harsin out. But calm down. You should beat the Israel U-20 team by 61. You're good at basketball. 

I can only wonder how confused the social media person is for Israel. Probably sitting here trying to figure out why there are so many tweets of a shirtless middle-aged man. I'm sure they aren't up to date on Auburn basketball. God I'm ready for the season.