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The Custody Agreement In 'The Parent Trap' Is Abject Bullshit

I watched The Parent Trap for the first time last week. Good movie. With that said, however, there were a few things along the way which I jotted down in the Notes app that I wanted to revisit afterwards.

Most notably, the custody agreement which led to the events of the movie in the first place. So this couple got divorced immediately after having twins and a family court agreed to let the mother take one kid back to England while Dennis Quaid and the other kid stayed in California? Did they happen to mention to the judge they never planned on informing their children of the other's existence? Seems like an important detail.

Also, how are the kids not livid at their parents for pulling off such a stunt? They each find out they've had a twin sister with whom they've missed out on an entire childhood and just jump straight into a scheme to get their shitty parents back together. The only plan they should have been devising at camp was how to notify the police they'd each been kidnapped and held hostage by one parent for a decade.

Anyway, if you can get past such a certifiably insane premise, it's a pretty good movie.

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