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INSANE Video Paraglider Saves His Own Life With 1 Second To Spare

Paraglider Kevin Philipp is lucky to be alive after his glider lines became badly entangled while plummeting to the ground -- before literally getting his rescue parachute open about one second before impact!

And, the entire death-defying ordeal was caught on video.

Philipp shared the terrifying clip Monday ... showing him paragliding thousands of feet in the air when suddenly his lines become tangled. Badly tangled.

KP -- who's an aerobatic paraglider (think crazy stunts under a large glider) -- desperately tried to straighten out the lines, but the attempt was futile.

I don't clarify many things must watch and to be honest videos like this make me so uneasy and terrified for a guy I don't even know to be in such a shitty situation but this is must watch territory. Thank God Kevin figured it out but holy shit is this scary. Even scarier how rare of a situation it is. 

Despite the close call, Philipp says incidents like this are uncommon.

"This occasion is quite unlucky and rare. Just to keep in mind. Fly high, land safe 😉"

I obviously have never met Kevin Phillipp but guys like this are all the same. Huge balls to ever even do this in the first place, but absolute lunatics because I bet today he was back up in the air after cheating death . I guess I respect the move but also think he's nuts , it's the fine line of daredevils.