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Mr. Beast Spent $1 Million On A Video, Realized He Didn't Like How It Came Out, So Then He Decided To Upload The Video To His Friend's YouTube Channel

This is the most Mr. Beast story of all time. After spending $1 MILLION on a single YouTube video, Mr. Beast realized he didn't like how the video came out. Originally, he was going to scrap the video completely and be down a cool $1 Million.

But, instead of completely throwing away the video, he decided to upload it to his friend, Ludwig's, YouTube channel.


Within 34 minutes, Ludwig knew this was going to most likely be the most watched video on his YouTube channel:

Currently, the video has been up for about 16 hours and has roughly 1.6 Million views.

Mr. Beast, if you ever need a channel to upload your scrapped videos, I'll allow you to use my channel. Free of charge!

Here's the video below: