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The Bachelorette Left Us On A Cliffhanger Last Night, Guaranteeing A Full Blown Breakdown From Rachel Next Week

(Spoilers ahead, obviously)

This season of The Bachelorette continues to be a nightmare for both Gabby and Rachel when it comes to dividing up affection from the guys. Last week at least, if they accepted a rose from one of the girls, they were also agreeing to pursue that girl moving forward. Cut to contestant Logan, who accepted a rose from Rachel, and then decided "hmmm, Gabby is looking hot tonight, I think I'm actually into Gabby." He went out of his way to tell his concerns to Jesse Palmer, and yet STILL accepted another rose from Rachel after the fact. In previews for next week, we see that Logan ends up walking into the room with all of Gabby's men, as if he has officially switched sides.

When Rachel finds out about this? She's going to lose her fucking mind. And, not for nothing, I don't think I'd be too happy with my BFF Gabby if she allows Logan to pursue her after jumping ship on Rachel. Gabby and Logan did have a connection at the beginning and Rachel basically called dibs, so it's definitely not out of the question that Gabby may want to pursue, and maybe even have the best connection, with Logan. MAJOR DRAMA ALERT!

Check out the rest of our recap on last night's episode of Cutting Stems, where we touch on all of the other dates they went on as well as a PSA for the psychos on tiktok who tell you to put your vaginal discharge on your NECK to attract men with your pheromones.