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Need A Pick Me Up? Watch This Red Carpet Video While Everyone Waits For The Next Big MLB Trade

Maybe the best day of the year on the baseball calendar notwithstanding a late October Game 7. Today has been absolutely electric and I'm willing to bill it as the best trade deadline in recent memory. Maybe it's recency bias. Maybe it's the experience now with Starting 9. But the overwhelming sense is that things certainly are different. Is that a new trend or just an anomaly in the lifecycle of contracts? Time will tell. For now it's easy to say that this has been downright awesome and that's with 2 hours left and plenty of names ready to drop. 

In the meantime, let me interest you in a behind the scenes look at some conversations from the All Star Game. It's our first look at some field work with the crew and needless to say it turned out great. Thank you to Producer Colin for doing a bang up job on site and with the edit. Pretty solid list of guests here: 


Pete Alonso forearm review

Ian Happ butt cheek review

Travis Kelce exclusive interview

Aaron Judge gives Cooper Arrieta advice

J Balvin says I'm cool

Jazz Chisholm is so sweet

Rob Manfred is a legitimate friend of the program

Adam Jones reunites with Jake

Joe Musgrove teaches us how to throw his cutter

David Bednar admits to having nightmares about Jake

All this and more under 10 minutes. The kind of natural efficiency that you can expect from a couple of guys who were raised on the mantra of getting outs in 4 pitches or less. We're not here for a haircut and we're certainly not here to fuck around. (Yes. Yes we are.) 

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