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Big Cat Introduced A Hypothetical Baseball Rule That Is So Crazy, It Might Actually Work

The brilliant mind of Mr. Cat was at it again on Monday's episode of Pardon My Take. During an interview with Cy Young winner and Starting 9 co-host Jake Arrieta, he proposed the above potential rule change after throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Sag Harbor Whalers game over the weekend. 

The domino effect of this rule change (that is never going to happen) would be insane. What kind of strategy do the teams have as to who they can invite to throw out the first pitch? Would an owner or manager veto someone who has no shot of throwing a strike? 

Fascinating, fascinating hypotheticals.

I'll tell you who would have no problem throwing one down the middle with thousands of people watching: George Bush

Someone who would never have the chance to step on a pitcher's mound again if this were to happen? 50 Cent.

Here are some other weird rules that would be awesome in other sports, but will probably never happen…

Football: 1 point awarded to the kicking team if the ball goes through the uprights (still a touchback)

Basketball: add a 4 point line

Hockey: final minute of each period has both goalies pulled

Tennis: the doubles alley is in play for one point per set