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Seeing LeBron And Draymond Dancing Together In Toronto Makes Me Want To Throw Up

Fuck this. Pretty sure that's the one thing the Internet will agree on in this video. I actually like Draymond. But I also really liked when he openly talked about not liking LeBron and vice versa. I miss the subliminal messages and shots at each other during championship parades. I miss not knowing guys who are supposed to hate each other on the court can do this. It's not new. It's just the era where we see everything on social media. Basically this is me: 


I like having hate on the court. I like having hate in sports. It's good. It's what helped made sports what it is. Rivalries, people not liking each other. I get that off the court shit is different. Rivals have gotten along just fine off the court/field forever. But I don't want to see it. I don't want to see LeBron's shitty dance moves. 

I miss this: 

But if I had to see those shitty dance moves, you had to too. This is the downside to the social media era. I don't want to know enemies can like each other.