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The Orioles Kick Off Trade Deadline Day With Another Move, Send All-Star Closer Jorge Lopez To The Twins

Another one bites the dusts, reports out there that the Orioles are trading All-Star closer Jorge Lopez to the Twins for four players. All pitchers, 3 righties and a lefty from the Twins, this seems like some haul. I've talked about it before but Lopez's transformation from last year to this year is insane. He was an awful starter, couldn't get through the lineup three times, but always had vicious stuff. They turned him into a closer and boom, All-Star. 

He's got a microscopic ERA at 1.68, 19 saves, 54 Ks in 48.1 IP, has only given up 9 earned runs all year, averages 10.1 K/9 and has a WHIP of 0.972. The guy has been unreal this season, and throw in him not being a free agent until 2025 you've got yourself a decent backend bullpen piece. The story with him and his son is amazing as well, he's been through so much and has still made it this far. He's a hell of a pitcher and the Twins really solidify their bullpen. As for the return, 4 for 1 is something. We will see where these prospects slide into the system. That also now makes 6 relievers that they have traded for in the last 2 days, they are loading up their farm system with more arms. Trey and Jorge were the 2 guys I thought we'd see go, and they went. Now we sit back and see if anyone else leaves the Orioles who are within grasp on a playoff spot. It sucks to trade guys while in this position but if you can load up, you have to. Thanks for shutting down those games this year Jorge, best of luck in Minnesota.