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Terrifying: Rugby Player Lost His 'Favorite' (His Words) Testicle After It EXPLODED When He Got Kneed In The Nuts

[Source] - The Newcastle Thunder player, who features either as a winger or a full-back, revealed last week that he had been forced to have his testicle removed after it had "exploded" during training. Having posted an update for his followers from his hospital bed, he has now given more details on how he sustained the injury.

"And it was actually my favourite one, my left one, unfortunately. I took a knee to the ball and the rest is history.” In Johnson's absence, the Thunder were beaten 27-18 at home in their latest Betfred Championship fixture.

Let me speak for every single person when I say - what the fuck? A ball can just explode? I know it's not a true explosion, but this is the most terrifying sentence any guy can read. Any guy that has played sports knows what it's like to get a knee to the balls during a game. I still say the worst is catching a soccer ball in the cold. You wanna go down like a sack of potatoes have the Jabulani catch you across the dick. 

Now let's get to the important part. I love that he admitted he has a favorite ball. It's true. You should have a favorite nut - shout out the left side. 

At least he has a sense of humor about it. I don't know if I'd be in the same boat if you know, my ball fucking exploded. Especially my favorite one. 

I have plenty of questions that I never want to find out the personal answer to. Is it just gone? Like he's just walking around with one ball dangling? He says it got removed so it's gotta be super weird looking. Gotta think that's going to be a weird ice breaker the first time he goes to hook up. That actually makes me wonder how long he's on the sex IR for. 

So every guy out there just know that it takes one knee to lose your favorite ball. Terrifying.