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A Breakdown Of Christen Harper's Perfect Day On Instagram

Some will say this blog is just for pageviews. I say every blog is for pageviews. This specific blog is about figuring out the perfect day. You see, I've had this debate as I lie awake at night. What makes up the perfect day? Well luckily Christen Harper put it on Twitter so we can break it down. Unfortunately due to Internet rules I can't copy every picture into the blog, so please open up IG (you already did) and scroll along the pictures.

Picture 1 - a drink on a boat, specifically not your boat

Huge caveat here on the boat idea. Everyone talks about how much they love being on boat. It's fun, it's relaxing and great drinking location. It ranks 2nd on my favorite modes of transportation behind a golf cart. I love the move of a margarita. Margaritas should always have a salted rim. Some go sugar, but salt is the move. Back to the boat statement. The ideal situation is your friend has a boat. You don't have to worry about paying for it, driving it, taking care of it, all that shit. You get to enjoy your friend's decision. That's the ultimate win-win situation. 

Picture 2 - Bathing suit, drink with friend

It's summer. To me the perfect Sunday includes a morning round of golf, preferably winning and lowering the handicap and then following it up with a trip to the pool. If it wasn't for golf, I'd prefer not to wear a shirt the entire day while applying sunscreen all the time so I'm not miserable. Adding an extra day to the weekend with friends is awesome. People need to embrace Sunday in the Summer more instead of worrying about Sunday Scaries. 

Picture 3 - More friends and more boats

Now you know it's a party. I don't have much to add here except my group of friends does not look like Christen's group of friends. 

Picture 4 - Drink with hair flowing

Ahh, the breeze. People don't talk about the wind enough unless we're betting a Cubs game at Wrigley. Give me the mid-80s with a breeze in the summer. Tying it back to golf, I know hitting into the wind sucks. But man catching a drive with the wind behind your back. You'll never feel better on the course, especially if that ball is in the fairway. Oh a long par 4 is now a 9-iron in? Thank you very much, wind. That's what I assume Christen is thinking here. 

Overall grade: A solid A 

The perfect day was had. Now here are a bunch of pictures because I know most of you didn't bother to read a word.