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RNR18 Worst Shit Talker Ever Has Emerged

When I heard my opponents name was Ashley "Cupcake" Wiles, idk... I thought she was KIDDING with the cupcake? 

Then I got her video...

Cupcake it is. That was nice, and nice is fine. I want a good fight. Cupcake can't shit talk to save her life, but has a nice right hook.

I sent the video to my coach:


That's that, on that.

She follows me on Twitter to know that "Oklahoma's feel some type of way" about Cupcakes, and then to ASK me at the end of her video? Do they have wifi in West Virginia? Just a quick google! I gave you the date and the person. July 14th 2016 and Kevin Durant. 

We associate Cupcakes with traitors. People who take the easy way out. Sell-outs. 

The entire state of Oklahoma banned cupcakes. 

If you have cupcakes at your child's birthday party in Oklahoma, it's a guarantee they don't go to college. 

If you have cupcakes at your grandmother's birthday party, it's a guarantee that it's her last birthday. 

If you hate your grandma, give her cupcakes.

18 days and counting. 

Maybe Cupcake will send a video over 3 seconds?

Remember to buy the fight.

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*Note: I love Kevin Durant. He put OKC on the map. I hate how he left, and where he went. I hate that he won't go on PMT. I hate the 4th of July now. But I absolutely love him. 


Ok love you all, Happy Tuesday.