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This Could Be My Last Blog About Juan Soto As A Member Of The Nationals. 23 Year Old Juan Soto.


It's really, truly happening. It's actually gonna happen. The Nats are going to trade Juan Soto. Still just letting that sink in. 23 year old Juan Soto, the 2x All Star, 2x Silver Slugger, MVP runner up, World Series champion, often compared to Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams, is going to be shipped out of town. It's crazy. Teams don't generally trade away once in a generation talent, nevermind before they are old enough to rent a car.

In reality, I get it. Soto wants to test free agency in 2 years, the Nats aren't going to be contending in that time frame, and he's laregly unlikely to re-sign in DC anyway. Now is the time to trade him to get max value back. I get it all. But it doesn't make it any less shitty or any less sad. In 3 years the Nats will now have lost Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Juan Soto. And toss in Anthony Rendon too. 

Optimistically though, trading Soto instead of giving him $500 million opens up a lot of new doors for the organization. The return is going to be massive, and will immediately restock the farm system. Let's say 5 prospects come back and 2 pan out to be major leaguers, there's still a ton of left over money to sign free agents, particularly to replenish the rotation. Again, that's just the optimistic way of looking at it. It's still Juan Soto though. 

So yeah. Sad times. Not fun. And if it is the Padres and they have a lineup of Machado, Tatis, and Soto, that's some must-see TV every night. And of course they're on the West Coast so nobody will see it.

Still won that World Series. That was awesome. But yeah, this still sucks.