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Leonard Fournette Continues To Be Hilarious, Brushing His Teeth During Warmups In Training Camp

I spent the day at Bucs camp yesterday and was just locked and loaded all day. The Tom Brady question was addressed earlier by my buddy, The Dog, but nothing was getting by me:

And I spotted something that tickled me pink at the beginning of practice during warmups.

I got a little backstory later and it turns out he just brushes his teeth in the morning, at night, and every time after he eats. My co-worker Barstool Lenny has got a great smile and that wasn't an accident. It was earned!

I love that Lenny, whose weight is not an issue, despite previous reports (today's tweet from ESPN reporter Jenna Laine shows he's in a fine spot for early camp).

But the fact that he played along with it, just shows he's one of us! A guy that can take a joke! And joke about himself!

And he's climbing his way up my chart of favorite Bucs there are with a sense of humor that shines as bright as his smile.