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Watch Christian Vazquez Find Out He Was Traded To The Astros From a Bunch of Reporters Right Before Tonight's Game Against Houston


Christian Vazquez was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in '08. He was called up in 2014 and became a solid bat in their lineup the past four seasons, winning a World Series ring in 2018. Vazquez quickly became a fan favorite in Boston. Despite all that the catcher found out he was traded to the Astros today from a few reporters just before the game. Ladies and gentlemen, Chaim Bloom. 

Doesn't get more awkward than that, I'll tell ya that much. Credit to Vazquez he handled that about as well as he could while he tried to process having to switch teams and have his life change in the blink of an eye. What a fucking brutal moment. Obviously he knew the Sox were about to enter sell mode and he was a piece teams were interested in, but with his name on the lineup card and hitting in BP you can't think that's the moment it's gonna go down. Reporters with no regard for human life. Life changing moment? Oh yeah let's shove a mic in his face and see his smile melt to the floor! 

Shout out to the Sox who traded for Tommy Pham soon after this one got announced. The ol' sell-buy. That's Chaim Bloom for ya. 

P.S. This guy going from Boston to Houston is gonna ruin my life. Seemingly all his big moments have come against the Yankees and I don't care for that one bit.