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4-Star Commits To South Carolina The Only Way An Offensive Lineman Should - Using Syrup And Pancakes

I'm not here to break down some offensive line film. No sir. This is me breaking down a commitment video. Offensive linemen should learn from this. Pancakes should be used strictly for the gold standard of blocking. Pancakes aren't the best breakfast food. Not even close. Give me waffles over pancakes. Give me eggs and bacon and sausage for sure. We can debate some other breakfast delicates, but I'm not an offensive lineman. If you're a South Carolina fan you should be thrilled. Not because he picked you over LSU and Clemson but because he knows what's important. Pancake blocks. 

By the way an underrated part of pancakes was when you got a little treat in them. Waking up and finding out your mom made M&M pancakes made it worth it. Nothing like a little chocolate and syrup to start a 10-year olds Sunday. They are by far the best pancakes, barely edging out chocolate chips. 

I love it. Give me these unique announcement videos instead of just picking up a hat or unveiling a shirt. By the way, this is the best one. 

Nothing like faking your own recruiting and announcement video. Big fan of that.