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Insane Scenes After Australian Soccer Match - Fans Throwing Flares And Rocks At Each Other In The Parking Lot

[Source] - Violent soccer fans have been blasted after lighting flares and brawling with each other in front of terrified families after an Australia Cup match.

The violence erupted after Sydney FC's penalty shootout win against the Central Coast Mariners at Leichhardt Oval in the inner-west Sydney suburb of Lilyfield on Sunday night.

Veteran sports journalist Ray Gatt shared footage on Twitter of the angry fans clashing outside the stadium and throwing rocks and traffic barriers at each other.

Take it easy psychos. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I never understood fighting over a sports team. It's sports! I live and die with my teams, sure. But I've never once thought about fighting someone over it. That includes you Louisville fans. I'll make fun of you, talk shit and then share a beer. Then again, I don't live in Australia and get this fired up over a shootout victory/loss. I know it's the minority here, but these sort of hooligans give the sport a bad name. Give me the drunk fans who will sing and cry in the stands every day of the week over these crazy people. I don't care if that sounds soft. 

I didn't even know Australia was this diehard with soccer hooligans. I figured this story would have taken place in Europe or South America. That's where 99% of these stories come from. I assumed everyone in Australia was just super friendly, got along and drank a shit ton of beer while avoiding all the animals that can kill them. Call me naive I guess there. 

Oh and we gotta talk about the security here. Good hustle, boys! Now, I understand you gotta be careful but someone's gotta step up and slow it down a bit. You can't have flares and rocks being thrown. Maybe give a solid dad 'HEY, calm down.' 

Lesson as always: talk shit, don't fight. It's a simple formula.