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The Sports Betting Bill Has Passed In Massachusetts...Is Barstool Heading Home?


At long last, sports betting legislation has passed in Massachusetts. It's been a ton of red tape and will they/won't they for a few years now, but they finally got it done. And that means one thing, and one thing only:



*Cue the "I'm Coming Home" song*


Dave has always said he'd like to return to Boston. The houses in Nantucket, Miami, and the Hamptons were just fixer-uppers until it was time to go back North. And the only question is...have they changed the keys to the dentist office?



While I cannot imagine South Beach Portnoy commuting to HQ1, I could see him making that the new gambling cave and stocking it with Big Ev, Jersey Jerry, Glenny Balls, and the squirrel who chewed through all the internet wires when they used to work there.

The return, while many things can change, seems to be moving forward briskly. 



Promises made, promises (sorta) delivered.