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SHOCKER: The NBA Is Investigating The Knicks For Tampering With Jalen Brunson


Absolutely flooring news out of New York City this morning with the Knicks being accused of tampering with Jalen Brunson, which from what I can tell would be the first ever case of tampering in NBA history!

Considering Woj and Shams always have a billion tweets ready to rock in drafts the minute teams that can start negotiating with players, I think it's safe to say this isn't the first nor the last case of tampering in NBA history nor will it be the first times the Knicks are accused of tampering considering they hired guys like Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes to pretty much do exactly that.

Speaking of Leon, does this look like the face of a guy worried about a tampering charge?

In fact, I can't wait to read the deposition of this tampering case.

ADAM SILVER: Mr. Brunson, is this you eating breakfast with a Knicks assistant coach the morning before you were allowed to start negotiating with the Knicks?


JALEN BRUNSON: Yes, but that's just me eating brunch with my dad, who was hired by the Knicks by my godfather Leon Rose.

SILVER: No further questions.

:camera pans to fake courtroom:

Not that I don't think the Knicks will get punished if Mark Cuban stomps his feet about the utter injustice that occurred to his team. The NBA can take a future second rounder since the Knicks have like 100 of them last I checked. I would say they can take a future first rounder if Danny Ainge leaves any behind after the inevitable Donovan Mitchell trade since King Leon has been stacking those since he entered the building, but I was told how the Knicks signing a 25-year-old point guard on the rise a $100 million contract was absurd. 

So if anything, the Knicks did the Mavericks a favor by signing the best teammate Luka had in the playoffs by giving him the going rate for starting point guards. Mavericks fans may be unhappy with how this all shook out as well, but they should be grateful that the Mavs still have this 7'3" unicorn that they wouldn't shut up in my mentions about for years on end.

Giphy Images.

Oh wait, no they don't because he's now an overgrown, injury prone player making the max on the Washington Wizards.

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This would be the part of the blog where I tell the Knicks GM to make the move we've all been waiting for. However, I am more than fine with Leon Rose refusing to bow down to what I imagine are the typical absurd trade requests from Danny Ainge since I think we finally have someone competent in charge again (or at least until you know who fucks it up).