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This Italian Dad's Reaction Perfectly Sums Up the INSANITY of Ferrari on Sunday in the Hungarian Grand Prix

I've never related to someone more in my life. This guy sums up exactly what every Ferrari fan went through on Sunday. Just pure disgust and disbelief with Ferrari's strategy and how terribly it played out over the race. If you didn't watch the race, this dad summed up what happened perfectly in one sentence:

"Ferrari went Medium, Hard, Soft, Medium, Super Hard, Fucking Hard, and then they lost." If F1 really wants to grow the sport, they need to force Pirelli to add "Super Hard" and "Fucking Hard" compound tyres to list of options available to teams.

When he ended the video with the "Aw screw you, Ferrari you bunch of idiots" I felt that in my bones. I need a live stream of this guy watching every race the rest of this season. Ferrari fans are already on the edge right now after the last ten races, I can't imagine the complete meltdown Ferrari fans will have if (when) something happens again. 

This video was exactly what I needed to turn the corner from being irrationally angry to now laughing at how preposterous their strategy was for this race. Thank you, sir. I wrote up a full breakdown of the race yesterday. Read the blog if you want my full thoughts on the disaster of a race for Ferrari.

Thank you Isamorinelli for capturing this incredible moment.