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Your Family, Your Religion And ..... Rutgers Basketball - We Now Know Who The 'Surprise Team' Is Recruiting Bronny James

Let's get one straight here. This makes sense. This makes sense because this is who Rutgers should be targeting. I know you see the name and stop - yes it's LeBron's kid. I know, a bit confusing since he doesn't wear LeBron's number so people don't know who he is. But Bronny is a borderline top-40 player in his class. Steve Pikell can coach his ass off. I know everyone assumes Bronny will go to Kentucky or Duke - I don't know if he's good enough. It's not like they have a million scholarships to throw around. 

I just love seeing the reaction on Twitter. It's been a few years and people still are shocked that Rutgers is decent in basketball. I'm not calling them great, but they are decent. They are a Tournament team, that's starting to recruit better and win games. Plus they have one of the best home courts in America. Not to mention a well known super fan: 

Imagine LeBron having to sit next to TJ at the RAC (I refuse to call it by its new name)? I'd pay money to watch that more than the game. Also the thought of LeBron having to go to Rutgers is just fucking hilarious to begin with too. It makes sense though. From the side of a guy who watches way too much college basketball, this is where Bronny should go if he wants to have success. A Rutgers. An Ohio State. A good program that's not churning out pros left and right. 

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