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Deshaun Watson And His Reps Are Reportedly Displeased With The 6-Game Suspension

This has to be a PR move, right? Because I think Watson and his camp are probably celebrating behind closed doors this morning. Just over a month ago, the consensus throughout the media was that Deshaun Watson was going to be suspended for no less than an entire season. This morning, he received 6 games. Football wise, the Browns have pretty much the easiest front end schedule imaginable, meaning when he returns for the final 11 games, he should be right in the thick of things in the AFC Playoff Picture. And financially, he's only losing $333K of his $230 million deal. Still getting $45.7 million of the $46 million he was slated to be paid this year. Deshaun Watson did not get the short end of the stick today.

All I'm saying is that Watson and his crew can maintain he is innocent from what has been alleged, but they cannot be pissed off about this ruling. Calvin Ridley is out here serving a full year's suspension for making a parlay bet while he wasn't even playing. Tom Brady got 4 games for more probably than not knowing that footballs didn't have enough air in them. With the NFL being so unpredictable with how they handle suspensions, paired with how upset the general public is about such a controversial topic, no one would've batted an eye if a minimum of a full season suspension was announced this morning. I'm not sure what else the Watson camp could've wished for. They should be thanking their lucky stars, not voicing their displeasure.

My advice for Deshaun, while sitting on my couch at home, is to quit while you're ahead. Even if they announced zero games this morning, the public still would've been outraged and assumed guilt. There's nothing he can do or say that will change people's mind, so accept this decision that the large majority of people believe is pretty darn favorable for you, settle that 24th and final civil suit, sit your 6 games, and never talk about it again.