Jon Stewart Implores Veterans To "Be Very Careful. Anytime They Call You A Hero, They Are Ok With Letting You Die"

If you haven't been paying attention to the news lately, there's a huge bill-- maybe the most important veterans-related bill since the post 9/11 GI Bill- is stalled in the Senate based on some farcical reasoning. Jon Stewart has been right beside the 11 biggest Veteran Service Organizations and calling for the political bullshit to stop and to pass the fucking bill and he was kind enough to join us for the newest episode of Zero Blog 30 which you can watch above. The PACT Act would deliver lifesaving care to hundreds of thousands of veterans over the next few decades. The service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars breathed in toxins that have led to astronomically higher rates of all sorts of illnesses including many rare forms of cancer. Getting treatment has been difficult. So many doors have been shut in the faces of those who signed on the dotted line to serve when called. We owe it to them now. Pass the PACT Act tonight.