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Good To See Man U's New Manager Call Out Ronaldo For Being A Giant Baby By Leaving The Stadium After Being Subbed Off

Fast forward a little bit: 

[Source] - MANCHESTER UNITED star Cristiano Ronaldo has been snapped departing Old Trafford BEFORE the end of their 1-1 draw against Rayo Vallecano.

SunSport understands Ronaldo left ten minutes before the final whistle. 

The 37-year-old was playing his first game of pre-season after taking extended leave as he tries to force his exit from the club.

But he failed to impress, as rusty Ron spurned a key chance in the first half from just a few yards out.

He was even seen shrugging at new boss Erik Ten Hag during a water break as the Dutch gaffer laid out his tactical plan to his squad.

Ronaldo was subsequently hooked at half-time after an uninspiring cameo.

I don't want to hear 'oh it was just a friendly.' Everyone isn't Ronaldo. t's not a secret he wants out. It's not a secret he wants to play basically anywhere else in the world (as long they can make Champions League). This is him lashing out and being a baby. You're telling me he couldn't wait an hour-ish after being subbed off to leave the stadium? He had to shower and get out of there with 10 minutes to go in the match. Come on dude. 

It's just a bad look. You have a brand new manager attempting to change shit there. You have fans pissed off at the Glazers - which will never change. You have fans screaming at you and defending you. All you have to do is sit on the bench for 45 minutes after being subbed off. That or play better. You pick. 

You already have Atletico fans writing notes begging the team NOT to take you: 

Teams haven't been clamoring to land you. Man U doesn't really want to let you leave either. So you may want to figure out a better way to handle it all. Plus just enjoy that 6th place finish again. That's really what we're cheering for. 

Fast forward again a couple days when people were arguing that everyone left early and it wasn't just Ronaldo. One other player had left early according to this ESPN report. At the same time we now have a quote from manager Erik ten Hag who says exactly what everyone is thinking. 

[Source] - Manager Erik ten Hag has branded Cristiano Ronaldo's decision to leave Old Trafford during Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Rayo Vallecano as "unacceptable."

"It is unacceptable for everyone," he told Viaplay Sport Netherlands. "I am telling them it's unacceptable. We are a team. A squad. Until the end we stay together."

Good for ten Hag to stand up for himself and not be afraid to say something negative about Ronaldo. The dude is an egomaniac while being incredible on the field - sound familiar? Sure do wish ten Hag was still at Ajax but whatever. Can't wait to see Ronaldo play at Sporting.