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Elon Musk's Father Is A Complete Asshole


Elon Musk’s 76-year-old father has given a stunning interview to Australian radio, taking aim at his tech billionaire son and opening up about his controversial relationship with his 34-year-old stepdaughter. 

South Africa-born and based Errol Musk, who has seven children including two with his stepdaughter from a second marriage, Jana, spoke with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this morning in a bizarre 20-minute interview, in which he dismissed his son’s success.

“Your offspring is a genius. He’s worth so much money and has created so many things, you can’t take that away from him. Are you proud?” Jackie O asked. 

“No. You know, we are a family that have been doing a lot of things for a long time, it’s not as if we suddenly started doing something,” Errol replied.

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I hate to start off August like this, but I regret to inform literally every male on earth that you're all pathetic losers in the eyes of your fathers. Just a bunch of broke deadbeats that never did anything with your lives. 

You all sicken me. 

And that's not to say I'm not an embarrassment in the eyes of my father as well, because I am. I'm at the very top of the "embarrassing sons" list. Whenever I'm drinking with my dad, the topic of conversation inevitably shifts to all of the dumb shit I did growing up where he had to bail me out of trouble, yell at me, or discipline me. 

I'm talking about the arrests. The calls from the middle school principal. The errors in baseball games. The firings from jobs. The money "borrowing" and mooching. The never working a single day of manual labor in my life. Add all that up with all of the other embarrassing and idiotic shit I still pull on a regular basis to this day, and my dad has no reason to not hate my fucking guts.

For instance he screamed at me for the gum incident years back. He called me, asked "what the fuck is Barstool?" and wanted to know why all the younger guys at work were ripping on me for looking like an idiot on national extremely local television. 

That's an honest to god true story. He screamed at me on the phone for a solid 10 mins calling me a re….moron. 

With all of that said, Errol Musk can STFU. Get the fuck outta my face with this "not proud" bullshit. He's setting a bad precedent and giving fathers everywhere an excuse to actually hate their deadbeat sons like me. Seriously - Elon is worth almost $300B. Outrageous! Just mooch off him, STFU and go drink some mai tais on a beach somewhere. If I tossed my dad a few million to get the fuck outta here, the script would flip unbelievably fast on our relationship. He'd go from being this sullied, embarrassed old man to the most proud father alive. Money would solve that, as it solves literally everything else. 

So Errol - stop worrying about all Elon''s bastard children and go back to banging your step daughter, ya ungrateful cunt. Elon could be a lot worse. He could be me.