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Deshaun Watson Has Been Suspended Six Games And Must Get All Future Massages From Club Therapists

Folks, let me be the first to say that I am ACCEPTING the honorable judge Sue L. Robinson's decision in this case. I will not be appealing, and I call on the NFL to do the same. We sent this case to a federal judge, someone who is fully trained in administering justice, and she meticulously went through thousands of documents, hearing thorough depositions from both sides, to come to this conclusion. 

Apparently Roger Goodell has 3 days to decide if he wants to appeal, but if the commissioner respects the legal process and honestly this country's values whatsoever, he will announce that he not only accepts Ms. Robinson's decision, but he also supports it.

In other words, he's being suspended for being creepy. For those of you that don't have a dictionary handy, egregious means "remarkably bad". Yeah, there is no question that his decision making was remarkably bad. Two grand juries and now an honorable judge have concluded that nothing he did was violent, but that doesn't mean he isn't a weirdo. Guilty of that for sure. Dude's a freak. And that's why Judge Robinson added this clause to her ruling:

I cannot believe this tweet is real. But I also can't believe it took 5 months, after sitting out all of last season, to come to this decision. So here we are, and it's time to move forward for the first 6 games with the great Jacoby Brissett. And the additional good news for Browns fans today is that the first 4 weeks are probably the easiest 4 games on the entire schedule. Deshaun, Jacoby, or me would start off 4-0:

Week 1: @ Panthers - WIN

Week 2: Jets - WIN

Week 3: Steelers - WIN

Week 4: @ Falcons - WIN

If you don't agree with that then you are either biased against Cleveland or don't know football. Neither is a good way to live life. However, I will admit that Week 5 and Week 6 will be incredibly tough to win with a backup QB, and that is why I am predicting the following:

Week 5: Chargers - Loss

Week 6: Patriots - Loss

Okay so we're 4-2 heading into Week 7 at Baltimore. And with that, folks, I am happy to announce that the Super Bowl Parade is STILL ON. Jacoby just needs to tread water until QB1 comes back. I honestly think Deshaun can lead this team to the playoffs with anything better than a 1-5 start. And then we hit the ground running in Week 7.

Love this. The only AFC North team that Deshaun will miss is the Steelers (by far the worst team in the division) at home. We will have him for both Ravens games, both Bengals games, and @ Pittsburgh. So as far as the schedule goes it's about as good as we could have hoped, and it confirms that the Browns made the right move in trading all of that for Watson. I don't condone his weirdo actions and tendencies, I'm talking strictly based on the outcome of the investigation and ruling.

We will see you on October 23rd at 1 pm, Deshaun! And we will see the rest of you in Arizona in February!