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It's Finally Happening: The Deshaun Watson Decision Is Expected To Be Announced Tomorrow

I wish I could make a "whoa, whoa, whoa, why the rush?" joke but folks I've just been overtaken by a sudden surge of unexpected panic. I've had 5 months to prepare for this and suddenly I'm nervous. This decision tomorrow is the difference between the Browns winning the Super Bowl (0-2 games), making the playoffs (4-6 games), or going 4-13 (full season) and being the laughing stock of the NFL. So clear the work schedules for tomorrow, boys. And get your performance enhancer of choice, as we are officially on #WatsonWatch for the next 24 hours. It appears that it's finally Decision Day. Clevelanders haven't had a decision with this much buzz around it since July 8th, 2010 when LeBron made the whole world tune in to find out he was leaving us in the dust. But honestly, with as much attention as this has gotten the last 5 months, Sue Robinson should just do her decision like LeBron did his decision. Primetime. 8:00 pm. Live television. Whole country tuned in to see how many games he gets.

The way I see it, there are 3 possible scenarios here. Two that are understandable, and one that is complete bullshit. Sue Robinson can either side with the NFL (if she found them to have provided the proper evidence), side with Deshaun Watson and the NFLPA (if she found them to have provided the proper evidence), or side with the uneducated mob of people that make up the court of public opinion (if the NFL has no spine and is just making a decision for the optics of it).

I just want the truth to make the decision. Did the evidence presented show that he did what he is accused him of? Okay, suspend him. Did the evidence not show that, or show that he did not? Okay, don't suspend him. It really should be a full year or none at all, in my opinion. Did he do something wrong or not? But let's not give him 8 games simply because of the reaction that the public is going to give. And that's my biggest fear and I'm pretty sure that's what's going to happen. Forget that it sounds like the NFL did a horrible job with their investigation. Forget that the Grand Jury declined to indite Deshaun. Forget that there is precedence with the owners, who are supposedly held to a higher standard than the players, that this type of behavior should not constitute a suspension. The NFL's image is going to take too large of a hit if he walks away without serious repercussions tomorrow. Now the question is, does Sue Robinson care about the NFL's image? Or is she going to make her recommendation based on facts only.

Prediction: 6 games and literally no one is happy