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Josh Allen Starting A Kerfuffle During Practice Is The Ultimate Sign That Football Season Has Officially Started

This is exactly what I needed to see on a gloomy Sunday morning. The weather is starting to change, we're seeing reports of that 6th round pick being a steal and everyone planning fantasy drafts. Now we have Josh Allen starting a kerfuffle with a defensive tackle because he didn't like getting bumped. Good. We need more dust ups - not calling it a fight - during practice. Iron sharpens iron when you get into a scrap with a teammate. That's how you know people care. If everyone is all happy and not willing to fight you got a loser team. Pretty sure that's a scientific fact. 

But you know who loves this? 

Coach McDermott that's who. You don't have a quote like this and not enjoy seeing a couple pushes after the whistle. There's no harm here. Sure you don't want to hurt your MVP-caliber and super tall quarterback. But you gotta give him a hit or two to get ready for the season. 

PS: I laughed out loud at the 13 second mark. The frog splash out of nowhere always plays. 


Man was determined to get in that pile.