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Brandon Moreno Wins The Interim Flyweight Championship With A Devastating Liver Kick

Few things in MMA look as brutal to liver shot knockouts to me - ESPECIALLY when they're kicks thrown at 200mph.

Brandon Moreno just used one to perfection to win the UFC Interim Flyweight Championship against Kai-Kara France in a very good fight, right after being busted open badly. After the last two fights were so quick, I'm glad Texas got a quick war there. 

DC described the kick as the "toe" getting France, which sounds especially rough in the ribs. Imagine a toe to the ribs? Ouch.

After the fight, Rogan asked about the obvious future fourth fight between Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo (who was in attendance), and Moreno immediately asked "Where is Deiveson?"

I think everyone - including Deiveson - thought Moreno was about to go off and cut a promo on him, so they brought Figueiredo into the octagon, but Moreno just gave a speech about setting a good example for his daughter/family and letting bygones be bygones (but obviously they still want to fight).

Time for the MAIN EVENT!

P.S. This is a HUUUUGE win for the nerds, if you didn't know....