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This Stoppage Sucked, No Two Ways About It


"The Black Beast" needed a win in his home state tonight, after losing the last two in a row in Texas, and things weren't looking great for him early on against the terrifying Sergei Pavlovich, but he certainly wasn't out of the fight when Big Dan Miragliotta called it. Sure, Derrick was in a rough spot, but he was completely with it - as evident by his immediate reaction to the stoppage.

I actually love Big Dan too, so this is tough. He's my favorite referee because he's the only one I've ever had an interaction with....right before a fight he was refereeing at Bellator, he turned to me (on press row), and handed me his drawstring bag like he was Mean Joe Greene and said "Keep an eye on this for me." 

When the fight was over, I gave it back to him, and he pulled out a Body Armor bottle and gave it to me. I thought that was cool of him.

You just can't call that fight right there, less than a minute into the first round - you can't do it. Poor Derrick Lewis. Guy can't catch a break when fighting at home.

P.S. Sergei Pavlovich is the real deal, huh?