Police In Spain Made A Massive Weed Bust Then Were Forced To Chase Down All Of The Looters That Were Loading Up On Free Pot

Daily Mail- Footage shows Spanish police raiding the beach and using a helicopter to drive off dozens of looters trying to snatch cannabis from a crashed drug traffickers' boat. The bizarre raid was filmed from a nearby rooftop in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz province, southern Spain, on 29th July, in the middle of a drugs bust.

Spanish customs officers had intercepted the crashed drug dealers' boat after it was beached on the sand. But when they tried to secure the crime scene, they were swamped by locals apparently trying to steal the stash.

BOOOOOOOO!!! What the fuck is going on in Spain? Do they not live by the motto "Finders keepers, losers weepers" or as the locals might say (according to Google Translate) "Buscadores guardianes, perdedores llorones". That was always the fairest way to live life back when we were kids because it was simple without any politics or bias.

I know all the John Q. Laws out there will try to tell me that this weed needed to be comprehended after the bust for evidence and to get it off the street. But it's not like these people are kids in a candy store for hard drugs that can cause them to look like Mia Wallace if they went to the deep end of the pool without any clue what they were doing.

In addition to violating the whole, "Finders Keepers" Golden Rule, a bunch of free weed is good for local morale and also hits drug dealers where it hurts by removing a good chunk of their customer base since nobody is going to look to buy weed if they just got a trash bag of it off a boat while chilling at the beach. Day 1 Supply and Demand stuff right there. 

I may just be an idiot blogger, but I'm an idiot blogger that has rewatched the entire series of The Wire at least 8 times. Which is why I wish the police would reconsider and give the weed back to the people that briefly held it in their hands in what had to be the best beach day of all-time for them that should never be taken away by anyone, let alone the people they pay to serve and protect them.

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