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Do Olivia Rodrigo & EX-Joshua Bassett Still Have Beef After Walking Red Carpet Together For The Ultimate Publicity Stunt?

Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett are pulling the best clean-cut publicity stunt we've seen in awhile attending the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series red carpet together. After Olivia's hit song 'drivers license' about Joshua Bassett in 2021 her career was launched to new levels overnight. Since the hit song & just about all of the songs on Olivia's freshman album 'Sour' suspected to be about Joshua Bassett the co-stars weren't the best of friends. For the first time since then they make their public friendship debut (?) on the red carpet. 

No matter if Olivia & Josh are on good terms or not no one can deny they didn't know the publicity that would come from this. For the record, I believe they are & Fran isn't convinced yet.

David Livingston. Getty Images.

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