That Time There Was A Hit Out For My Nudes

This week I watched Netflix's The Most Hated Man On The Internet about some guy who ran a popular revenge porn site. The two main people to finally take him down were a victim's mom, Charlotte Laws, and Marine Corps veteran James McGibney. And McGibney really stood out to me since I'd served when Marines could openly harass, stalk & terrorize women service members online completely unchecked. Sad to say I felt shocked he turned out to be one of the good guys in this story.

An example of what I'm talking about would be the Marines United scandal explained via The War Horse:

Marines United was a males-only and invite-only Facebook group with 30,000 members, including active duty and retired Marines, Navy corpsmen, and British Royal Marines. On January 30, 2017, one member posted a link to a Google Drive containing folders of images—mostly nudes—of fellow servicewomen, without their consent. Many of the folders were labeled with the women’s names, ranks, and duty stations. Anyone with the Google Drive link could access the folders, and the original poster invited Marines United members to contribute. Beyond sharing photos and information, members wrote dozens of obscene comments, including some statements that the women should be raped. Of Marines United’s 30,000 members, at least 500 members have been confirmed to have accessed the cloud service, Google Drive, containing the pictures.

The photos came from many different sources. Some were taken without the women’s knowledge, some were pulled from social media accounts, and some had been taken by the women or by an intimate partner and non-consensually distributed.

In the end, out of the countless who participated, only seven Marines were court-martialed, and similar sites still bounce around. One gets squashed & another pops up from the crevices of the interwebs. I know this because two years ago someone posted my Twitter profile on a newer page dedicated to revenge porn submissions of US military women. The caption read,

"I know there's something from back in the days of Marines United."

Basically meaning, 

"Someone had to have posted some nudes of her back on that old Marines United google drive. So I know there's still some nudes of her out there somewhere, boys. If you've got them share them." 

An active duty Marine had DMed to alert me it was there & told me she'd dedicated her free time to sorting through the posts & letting other women know if there were up there, too. The 'other women' were usually not as lucky and it was actual nudes of them on the page. The comments & content were horrific and my heart dropped for these women who signed up to serve our country and got that in return. 

Before writing this blog I'd messaged with the Marine who'd informed me back then, & she said it's still happening and she's still having to reach out to others to let them know they're being posted. I just have to hope karma is real for anyone who shares nudes of anyone of any gender without permission. If that's you, I hope your genitals fall off & get run over by a bus & then a pack of stray dogs take care of whatever's left.


Anyways, as someone who has most definitely sent some form of spicy pics or nudes in almost every serious relationship I've been in because I'm a normal human being, I felt lucky that nothing ever came from that post seeking stuff on me. If something did start making the rounds, there was relief knowing that for any nude I've sent, the lighting was always perfect because I take the time to move my floor lamps around and get the angles right. So at least my tits would be perky if they were unleashed upon the dark web to some losers. (Now they're more like stockings with a golf ball at the bottom of each leg. Sad.)

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