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Chase Young Officially OUT For Week 1, May Start The Season on PUP


And there it is. Officially official. Chase Young will miss the start of the season. No "all in for week 1" with Chase, "no will he, won't he?" narrative lingering over camp and the preseason, no nothin. Coach Ron has said it on July 29th, Chase will miss at least the first game of the season vs the Jags. And let me say this, that is 100% a-ok with me.

There is absolutely zero reason to rush Chase Young back. None at all. This Washington team should win the division and make the playoffs, and I would rather Chase be ready for Wild Card Weekend than to test his knee week 1 against the Jags and week 2 against the Lions. If he has to miss the first 4 games on PUP, so be it. Chase is 23 years old, let's not potentially sacrifice the rest of his career just to get him back for week 1. That would be lunacy and I'm glad Coach Ron has nipped that idea in the bud immediately, no questions asked.

And yes, I do think this Washington team is a playoff team. Obviously Dak and the Cowboys are good, but I think they will regress and I also think Mike McCarthy is a ding dong brains. Despite the addition of AJ Brown, I still do not trust the Eagles with Jalen Hurts, and they benefited from the easiest schedule in the NFL last year, something they won't have this year. And Danny Dimes is still Danny Dimes, so the Giants will still stink. I think Washington has only gotten better across the board. Sure the internet loves to hate Carson Wentz but I suspect he will prove that he is not nearly as bad as the city of Philly wants him to be. The Wentz Wagon Revenge Tour is going to be fun to watch. 

It'll suck not having Chase out there, but the d-line is still awesome and I'm expecting HUGE things out of Montez Sweat. I believe his O/U sack total for the year is 6.5, I would hammer the over there.