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Snooker Legend Ronnie O'Sullivan With The Ultimate Trash Talk - Rips A Fart Right In Front Of The Ref Before Sinking A Shot

I'm glad I refuse to grow up so I can always laugh at a good fart. This is funny. I don't want to know you if you think otherwise. If you can't laugh at a solid fart before sinking a shot in Snooker (not sure what Snooker is, sue me) you're the one with a big old dump in your pants. Look at that ref! Even he knows it's fucking hilarious and he basically got farted on. 

This is the ultimate trash talk though. Farting and then sinking the shot is the ultimate suck it. Like I said, I don't understand the rules to Snooker so I can't speak on that. I also suck at pool. But in terms of like golf, if someone farts right before their drive that baby is going dead center with a nice little baby fade. No doubt in my mind that ripping ass gives you power for exactly one shot. Clear out the system. It's a dangerous game, but a game worth playing.