CHARLES BARKLEY AIN'T LEAVING - Reportedly Stops Discussion With The LIV Tour, Keeps The Best Show On TV Together

That's right. Fuck you Greg Norman. This was the one that I was stressed over. Take all the golfers, I don't really care. Don't you dare take my favorite show on TV. You don't stop the Inside the NBA crew. You don't make Ernie Johnson upset and have to live a life without Charles Barkley there. And you know what? This quote is the best part (h/t Post) 

 But, in my best interest, and being fair to Turner — because Turner and basketball have given me every single thing in my life — It is best for me to move on and I’m staying with Turner for the rest of my TV career.”

The rest of his TV career! Sure that might just be 3 years, but that's better than an abrupt ending. People retire all the time. I can understand that. Nothing better than knowing we have Charles Barkley in our lives to piss off Shaq and make fun of Kenny Smith. 

Credit to Chuck. He did exactly what he said. He gave the ultimatum, listened to any offers and then walked away. Not shocking that Chuck did exactly what he said, but it's worth mentioning. All I know is the band is staying together. After the LIV Tour created all this pandemonium in the golf world, it's nice to win one, especially in the basketball world. There will never be a better studio show on TV than Inside the NBA. The chemistry, the names, etc. You can't top it. 

Now I just need a team to sneak through tunnels to try and break into a locker room like the Rockets/Clippers because that might be a top-1 moment in TV history.