Great News Everybody - We Can Finally Put That Ugly Charlie Baker "Knockoff Free Brady" Shirt Incident Behind Us






Phew!  I’m glad we can put that sordid little ordeal behind us.  Listen the Governor made a mistake.  He apologized to me for it and said it won’t happen again.   That’s all you can ask for as a man.  Sure I had to bully him a little bit, but it was tough love.  People make mistakes.  It’s water under the bridge.  Don’t worry Charlie you still have my support.  The power players in this state need to stick together.  The Krafts, Belichicks, Bakers, Bradys, Kennedys and Portnoys.  Let’s move past it and rebuild.   Free Brady shirts for everybody!


PS – The Frates are not off the hook. They should know better.