Report: The Angels Are Listening On Trade Offers For Shohei Ohtani As The Generational Talent Continues To Waste Away in LA

Jayne Kamin-Oncea. Getty Images.

Until the last 24 hours I really haven't entertained the idea of the Angels actually trading away Shohei Ohtani before the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline. Juan Soto, on the other hand, is as good as gone with the Padres and Cardinals going hard for the superstar outfielder. Shohei though? Things seem to be swinging ever so slightly in the likelihood of a deal. 

Last night the two way generational talent struck out 10 or more batters for the six consecutive start —the Angels lost 2-0. He's posted a 1.73 ERA over his last 8 starts and in that span he's compiled a .941 OPS with 10 homers and 27 RBIs. The man is a marvel and is wasting away in LA. It continues to be illogical how bad this team is with the talent they possess. 

After the loss last night Ohtani spoke to the media about the ongoing rumors surrounding his future with the team. 

While I don't really know what else he's supposed to say there, he did mention he wants to win. The Angels sit 42-57 and do a whole lot of losing. Shohei has one more year left on his deal after 2022 so the Angels basically need to decide now if they're going to pay him or move on. You also have to wonder if Ohtani wants to stay there or go to a place he can truly contend. 

We've truly never seen anything like this guy and for that reason I really don't know what he could command on the open market. If the Heyman report is true it's gonna cost you your top 4 prospects just to control him for the next year and a half. If you're a contending GM how do you not pick up the phone and give the Halos a call? You should honestly be out of a job if you don't. 

Even with the rumors, I don't see Ohtani being a deadline deal. Switching teams in the offseason? That would be where my money goes. Still, the fact that two generational talents like Soto and Ohtani are seemingly available right now is nuts. The next five days should be chaos.