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You'll Be Telling Your Grandchildren One Day About Where You Were At For The "P00P" Game

There are moments throughout history that impact humanity as a whole. Moments that stop you dead in your tracks and alter the course of our lives moving forward. Memories from that day will live with you forever, and it is up to all of us who lived through that shared experience to then pass those memories on to future generations. Whether it's for better or for worse, they need to know exactly what happened that day to fully grasp and gain that contextual perspective on a pivotal point in the human experience, rather than just reading out it in a history book. 

The P00P Game is one of those moments. 

I truly hope you all have long, wonderful lives that our filled with love and joy. And towards the end of that life, you are surrounded by the ones you love the most. And as you sit there surrounded by this collection of friends and family, you tell them all about the day that the Philadelphia Phillies played the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 28, 2022. It was no ordinary day. You woke up that morning and could somehow sense that something truly magical was about to occur in the world. You weren't quite sure what, you weren't quite sure when, and you weren't quite sure how or why. But something inside of you knew that greatness was on the horizon. And just as the first pitch was about to be delivered...

There it was! The scorebug you've been waiting your whole life for. P. 0. 0. P. 

The men were celebrating in the streets! The women and children were crying! You could almost feel the Earth shake as everybody erupted in applause. The scorebug looked like it said "poop". And that's hilarious because…well…poop is funny. Always has been, always will be. It's like one of the only things that we all universally agree on. 

We were all a part of history yesterday. Never forget.