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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Upcoming Marvel Movies And TV Shows Announced At Comic Con


Finallyyyyyyyyy, Jose Youngs HAS COME BACK TO THE BASEMENT!!! And thank God he did, because there is a shitload of upcoming MCU projects that we needed Professor Youngs to drop knowledge on us about.

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Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.

For people that missed the announcements or want to see all the trailers, Robbie did an awesome job recapping everything in this blog.

Meanwhile Jose did an awesome job breaking down what each of these shows bring to the table for both the present and the future of the MCU (lotsssssss of potential crossover for mutants) along with how good the comic storylines were for each of these movies/shows, which ranged for "good" to "aww man, aww man, awww mannnnn". Long story short, Jose is STOKED for Secret Invasion and Daredevil.

Not only that, he got Robbie and I excited for things we thought may suck. I thought Echo was almost definitely going to be a dud unless Kingpin and Daredevil gave it the Mando treatment in Book Of Boba Fett by making the show about everything but the main character. However it sounds like Echo is an awesome character in the comics, even though her debut in Hawkeye wasn't awesome, great, or really anything more than meh.

Jose also mentally prepped us for the big bad in Guardians 3 who sounds like he can be an iconic character that also can be a path to some X-Men goodness, tried to explain the chaos that Kang is about to unleash on our beloved MCU, and the badass motherfucker that should be the most important part of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

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The one project we didn't tough on that was discussed outside of the Comic Con panels was Deadpool 3. However this snippet is what Kevin Feige said along with my instant reaction.

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Considering how good Deadpool was when it was a FOX property, I cannot fathom how incredible it can be with the full force of the MCU behind it as Kevin Feige gently navigates it from afar. That is as long as Mickey Mouse doesn't try to censor that sicko Ryan Reynolds, which I imagine they won't because it's #TrustTheFeige for forever and a day.

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So check out the podcast above for 90 minutes of nerdgasms or listen on Spotify/Apple as we get hyped for the climax and conclusion of the next phases of the MCU. And if you want to #KeepTheBasementLightsOn, buy a shirt!