In What Could Be His Last At-Bat At Home As A Member Of The Orioles, Trey Mancini Hits An Inside-The-Park Home Run

You can't write a script any better. In what could be Trey Mancini's last at-bat as an Oriole at home he got the full treatment. The standing ovations all game, nothing but class from the Fans. And it was on Mo Gaba day, a day dedicated to our dear friend that we lost 2 years ago today, someone Trey was very close with. You can't write this stuff. He falls down 0-2 in the count before making some Orioles magic. Just a lazy fly ball, nothing too special and then boom. It smokes Lowe right in the face and Trey is off to the races. Now let me tell you this, he isn't fast. He's just not. But I'll be damned if Trey wasn't going to make it to home on this one. An inside-the-park home run in possibly his last home at-bat. I mean this is amazing. Again, on Mo Gaba day. It's Angels in the Outfield, that is what this is. How does that happen? You're also insane if you didn't think he was hitting a home run on Mo Gaba Day this year, he did it last year so you knew it was going to happen. 

If it is the end, and man do I hope it's not, what an ending for Trey. Easily the nicest player I've ever met, an all around great guy and still not fast at all. What a way for him to possibly go out. We love ya 16.