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Notre Dame Is A TOP Brand In College Football And Nobody Has Had A Better Offseason Than Marcus Freeman And The Irish

College Football is changing and collapsing all over the country. Schools are moving, conferences are dying, and the landscape is changing. Through all the chaos there has been one program that continues to push the boulder up the hill and put the sport on it's back. A school that is wanted by every conference or super league across the country, but is still fighting for tradition and independence. That is Notre Dame. Once again taking a stand to save the sport. It was not long ago that we were in Covid times and teams and conferences were on the verge of canceling their season because of momentum coming from academia admins. Notre Dame stands for something so they didn't fall for anything. 

Notre Dame might end up in one of these super leagues, but they aren't actively chasing it like those pigs at USC, Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M. At least ND is fighting the good fight to preserves tradition. 

Beyond all of that stuff above which I'll admit is somewhat hyperbolic for trolling purposes...Notre Dame is "cool" for the first time in my life. Marcus Freeman oozes it. He seemingly has the support and admiration of everyone in The Gug now, and virtually every single recruit he talks to and their mother. 

I feel like people shit on recruiting rankings unless it's their team involved. We are a long way from signing day, but the Irish are competing sea to shining sea with the very best in College Football

Notre Dame was always sort of held back under Brian Kelly when it came to the QB position. Well now they have a legitimate 5-star difference-maker coming in next year to help close the gap between them and the rest of the playoff field elite teams. 

What's better is that ND for the last 10 years has been a "development" program. Especially along the lines. They weren't necessarily recruiting the best of the best, but come draft day the Irish were routinely sending the best prospects to the NFL. Now with Rees truly running the show on offense and the nation's best line coach back where he belongs (we should've known that Matt Nagy blaming Hiestand for the offensive line was a good indication that Nagy was the problem in Chicago all along). The line will be better. The QB play will be better. They're getting elite athletes in at linebacker for three classes in a row. The playoff field is expanding. The days of ND being a hair behind the truly elite programs like Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Georgia are coming to an end. The Irish are winning in the summer and they're going to win in the Fall. The uNDefeated blog is going to practically right itself in the Freeman Era