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Imagine Where Society Would Be Without Live Updates From NFL Training Camp

Imagine waking up in a world where you knew that NFL training camps were starting up, but there was no way for you to immediately consume absolutely everything that happened throughout the day. Imagine just not knowing that Jalen Hurts threw a pass to AJ Brown in practice. Imagine just not knowing that Carson Wentz completed a 10ish-yard in to Curtis Samuel, who then proceeded to put a nasty step back juke on Benjamin St-Juste. 

Imagine just not knowing that Donte Jackson was barking at Robbie Anderson after Baker Mayfield's pass to Anderson in the end zone was incomplete. 

Imagine just not knowing that Mitch Trubisky hit Gunner Olszewski on a 15 yard corner route which required a nice sliding catch by Gunner. 

I don't think people realize just how crucial and vital this information is to our every day lives. Beat reporters live tweeting NFL training camps might just be the single most important job in the world. It's what keeps everything in life moving. Without these updates, we'd be hopeless. The basic fabric of society would break and crumble. It was a nice sliding catch by Gunner and we needed to know about it. Everybody knows that one nice sliding catch in training camp equates to at least a dozen in the regular season. If you didn't hear about it as soon as it happened, you'd never know. You'd be fucked. 

It's just human nature to take things for granted. We get accustomed to our lifestyles and the luxuries that come along with it. But if one day all these live updates from training camp stopped? If one day you didn't hear about every 15-yard slant at training camps around the league? Life as we know it would be altered forever and I don't know how we'd recover. So do me a favor today and go out there and thank your local beat reporter. Let them know how much we appreciate their tireless efforts and sacrifice. In a world filled with so much uncertainty, we know we can always count on them for giving us the most useless updates throughout these next few weeks.