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The BacheloretteS Is Continuing To Be The Worst & Best That Reality TV Has To Offer (& Trent Is Back!)

Trent is back for our Bachelorette recaps & that just may be the best part of the recap because this show is a beautiful disaster. After Gabby is humiliated by two men telling her she was 'rough around the edges' & they probably would've left if it was just Gabby, the two Bachelorettes decide to split the men at the rose ceremony. SHOCKER! They canceled the cocktail party, we're on board with completely canceling the cocktail parties from here on out & we made merch to prove it.

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At the rose ceremony, Rachel & Gabby split the men & if they accepted a rose from Rachel they were solely there for Rachel from then on out & vice versa. This did not fair well for Rachel & a few of the men had denied her rose. When the men denied her rose the rose was taken from her & was not allowed to be used on another man. Ultimately this put far too much power in the mens' hands once again & we don't love it. We must admit as painful as it is to watch & as much as we feel for Gabby & Rachel, the producers know how to make good TV.

We also took a trip down memory lane with Corbin Bleu talking all things High School Musical & he couldn't confirm or deny a High Musical Reunion: 

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