Aaron Rodgers Describes How Dysfunctional The Packers Were in 2018 When Rising Star Kenny Clark Was Mistakenly Told He Was Getting Cut

A few things are certain about Aaron Rodgers. He's always going to try and get you to jump offsides for a free play, he thinks Joe Rogan's word is absolute, he dates crazy, and he will never miss a moment to rip apart how about bad the Packers front office handled things several years ago. This story regarding Kenny Clark took place in 2018 during current GM Brian Gutekunst's first year and Mike McCarthy's final season with the team. Safe to say things were a mess if you're mistakenly telling a rising defensive star and 1st round pick in Kenny Clark that he's being released on cut day. 

Now some will down play this and chalk this up to some intern fucking up, but you can't be treating players like that. You may hate Aaron Rodgers with every fiber of your body, but what he's talking about there with relationships is spot on. 


It all goes back to last summer's press conference when he reported to camp and went scorched Earth on seemingly everyone. Rodgers wanted significant change in how things were run and it seems like things have gotten much better since that presser.  

Aside from that negative story, vibes seem to be high at camp to start here. Rodgers even had a nice troll towards Davante about his Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer quote. If you missed it, Adams was asked about the transition from Rodgers to Carr and said, “Any time you change quarterbacks from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer it’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment.” Here was Aaron poking some fun at that.

Actually funny. 

I'm fascinated with how this team is going to look given the lack of a WR arsenal. You know Rodgers is gonna take that to heart and set out to prove everyone wrong. A guy I'm hoping to shine bright? Nevada's Romeo Doubs. Football is so soon.